How we work

indubo’s goal is that you no longer have to worry about your documentation in the various foreign languages. Because we pay attention to consistent and high quality from the beginning to the end of the order process. Our project management coordinates your orders, schedules them on time and is the interface in case of queries or changes.

Our native-speaking, certified translators are specially selected depending on the subject matter, thus we guarantee the best result of the translation. We use state-of-the-art Translation Memory (TM) systems for your translations, which not only ensure that your terminology is always consistent, even if, for example, several translators devote themselves to your project in the case of partial orders, but also ensure that, as translations progress, a database is filled that recognizes so-called matches. These matches are then pulled directly from the TM in subsequent translations and do not have to be translated again from scratch.

As a result, projects can be completed faster and you save costs that would have been incurred compared to translations without the use of a translation memory system.

Your data is safe with us. Of course, we consider your data confidential and our translators also have separate clauses in their contracts to ensure this.

Advantages resulting from the use of a TM system:

TMS Advantages

With each of your translations, the TM grows, saving you money on recurring text content and phrases because we have already translated these entries for you and the TM system recognizes them.

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