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Our customers are predominantly business clients and are at home in sectors in which source texts are written on technical subjects. This is where we are best able to play to our strengths and to invest our expertise to maximise your profit.

Whether documents comprising several hundred pages, business reports or special contracts, all these areas have always featured among our core areas of expertise.

These are the very areas in which it is important to have the support of a professional and dependable business partner who can be relied upon to make sure not only that the language and quality of the texts are at a consistently high level, but also that the phrasing and choice of wording are always the same so that the content is recognisable as yours. This allows continuity and this also comes across to your customers and influences the way in which they perceive you and your products or services.

“We work predominantly but not exclusively in the B2B sector, where we can make our experience and know-how work to your benefit whenever and wherever subject-specific translations and the highest quality are of critical importance.”

Martin Bosch, Managing Director

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