The indubo package of services


You want translations, but you get more than you think. Translating a source text into another language is an art in itself, but our service doesn’t end there.

Our translations are carried out in strict compliance with the ISO 17100 standards and it is very important to us that they no longer read like translations.

This is made possible by various means including professional localisation, i.e. adaptation to linguistic, cultural and national norms during the translation process by our expert graduate translators.


Do you have your texts already written up in catalogues, brochures or finished layouts? Then we can work with these documents and do the translations directly.

We provide desktop publishing services, taking care of the final layout for you including correct line breaks, hyphenation, spacing and tracking widths in all the target languages.

We use the latest versions of the most popular layout programs. Naturally, we also offer this service for documents produced with Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, ultimately providing you with a 1:1 copy of your source file in the required foreign language ready for immediate use.


You will have adapted your software to cater to your home market and aligned its content and processes to the relevant trading conditions. The software localisation service that we offer provides the tools allowing us to project this content and these processes into the context of the relevant target language.

In addition to simple geographic features or date and time formats, this includes the far more complex and extensive adaptations to the cultural and linguistic background in the target country.

You benefit from the expertise of our qualified translators who translate into their native languages and the many years of experience which we have in this field.

There’s no second chance to make a first impression – and there is practically no better way to convince your customers of the quality of software than to present them with a version perfectly adapted to cater to the linguistic profile of the respective market.


Are you drowning in paperwork, or simply at the limits of capacity and in need of professional help? We will be happy to help and advise you on the possible interfaces and the ways in which you can optimise the workflow when it comes to multilingual documentation.

Benefit from our know-how, our years of experience and our network of specialist service providers in the field of technical documentation.

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